Christopher minds

Christopher Minds title card

Christopher Minds is a Channel 27 show. It follows a crime unit investigating crimes in a high school.


Chris Frank as Chris Frank, Behavior Analysis Expert

Adam Molinaro as Carter Williams

RJ Geibel as Smithy Jones, former CIA Agent

David Cross as Kevin Thompson, former Navy SEAL

Jordan Casteel as Enrique Estaves, former Spanish intelligence officer (only speaks Spanish)

Dan Power as Roy Oswald, Forensic Investigator from NYPD

Matt Shepard and Alex Denny as Security Guards

Jake Reiger as INS Agent

Andrew Glaser and CJ Lutz as Navy SEAL Team

David, Adam, RJ, and Jordan as The Mysterious Stranger (Roy)


The Man Who Knew Too Much

Where's Chris?

Ah Lights!

Carter's Game

Seal Team 6.5

The End?