Please contribute to the guidelines for this site, bearing in mind that anything pointless or childish will be removed.

How do I contribute to the Wiki?Edit

You can add to the Wiki by adding terms or things from KrustyFrank27's videos. Creating content for terms with red links is a great way to get started.

Who decides what should stay?Edit

The administrators: Chris

What is the Canon?Edit

  • The Canon is made up of the best pages on the wiki.
  • Canonization is determined by the administrators.

What are some things that are considered "impolite"?Edit

  • Editing someone else's contribution to change the tone of voice (e.g. serious to silly, dry wit to melancholy, etc.)
  • Making an unproductive or offensive addition or modification to a page.
  • Swearing, or being offensive in any way (racism, etc.).