Harry Potter

Pilot is the first episode of Harry Potter Crime Show.


- Harry Potter

- Ron Weasley

- Hermione Granger

- Professor Grumbly-Plank

- Professor Snape

- Professor Pummel

- Detective Jack Trapper

- Captain Ed Helms

- Professor Dumbledore

- Various Hogwarts teachers

- Nearly-Headless Nick

- The Bloody Baron

- Various Ghosts

- Tom the Barman

- Darth Vader


- This episode was originally meant to be an episode of the Death Star, but was made into its own spinoff, and is therefore an accidental pilot.

- The police captain is named Ed Helms because, in the original version of the episode, he had a Boston accent similar to the one donned by Andy Bernard, Ed Helms's character in The Office, in boss Michael Scott's movie.

- Dectective Jack Trapper will recur. You just wait.