Ron (1)
Ron Weasley is a wizard. After the events of the Second Great Wizarding War, he and his best friends Harry Potter and Hermione Granger got jobs on the Death Star. In July 2012, he became a detective with Harry and Hermione, with whom he founded a detective agency.


The Death StarEdit

- Harry Freaking Potter

- Dude Looks Like A Lady

- I Wanna Be On TV

- Goosebumps

- Science Fiction Double Feature Picture Show

- This Is Halloween

- Eve of Destruction

- Free Comic Book Day

- The Three Broomsticks

- Hair Dye

Harry Potter Crime ShowEdit

- Pilot

- Batman

- Hungry Like The Wolf

- One Floo Over the Cuckoo's Nest

- Bigfoot

Harry Potter Christmas SpecialsEdit

- A Harry Potter Christmas Carol

- It's A Won-Wonderful Life