The Daily Phoenix is a wizarding newspaper based in Pittsburgh. It is the primary source of news for wizards. The current editor is Barnabas Cuffe, who works in the main office in Diagonal Alley. Because of its ability to influence the minds of many in the British wizarding community, the paper has been known to have its content slanted intentionally by the Bureau of Magic and Spellcasting (which it has strong ties with) into telling the Bureau's preferred version of events. Unfortunately, the Phoenix does not seem to have a lot of journalistic integrity.


The Phoenix is not the only publication in the wizarding world, but it is almost certainly the most widely read. Stories in the Phoenix often colour public opinion to a great amount.

Evening PhoenixEdit

The Evening Phoenix was the name of the evening edition of the Daily Phoenix. Presumably, this edition included different features, compared to the morning edition or Sunday Prophet.

Sunday PhoenixEdit

The Sunday Phoenix is the name of the weekend edition of the Daily Phoenix. Presumably, this edition includes different features, compared to the daily edition.


The regular features of the Daily Prophet are usually the following:

  • Index (page 01)
  • Good News (page 02)
  • Bad News (page 02)
  • Forecast (page 02)
  • Potions (page 03)
  • Magic Lottery (page 04)
  • E. Limus (page 05)
  • Astro News (page 06)
  • Spells (page 07)
  • International (page 08)
  • Abracadabra (page 08)
  • Hocus-Pocus (page 08)
  • Politics (page 09)
  • Bureau of Magic and Spellcasting Affairs (page 09)
  • Sports (page 09)
  • Games (page 09)
  • Magic News (page 10)
  • Comment (page 10)
  • Arts & Warts (page 11)
  • Tricks & Trucks (page 11)
  • Opinion (page 12)
  • Puzzles (page 12)
  • Kids Corner (page 12)
  • Black Magic (page 13)
  • Pink Magic (page 13)
  • Tragedies (page 15)
  • Jobs (page 15)
  • Showizbiz (page 15)
  • Health (page 16)
  • Fitness (page 16)
  • Ask D. Shaman (page 16)
  • Obituaries (page 17)
  • Classified Advertisements (page 18)
  • Fiendishly Difficult Crossword (page 18)
  • Blablabla (page 19)
  • Dr. Medusa (page 20)

Known positionsEdit

  • Editor
  • Security Editor
  • Reporter
  • Photographer
  • Photographer's Assistant
  • Senior Quidditch Correspondent
  • Advice Columnist (General)
  • Advice Columnist for Legal Problems
  • Advice Columnist for Personal Problems
  • Advice Columnist for Medical Problems
  • Advice Columnist for Magical Problems
  • Op-Ed Columnist

Known personnelEdit


  • Barnabas Cuffe

Security EditorEdit

  • R. Amorin


Advice ColumnistsEdit

  • Donovan Shaman
  • Dr. Jacob Medusa
  • Dempster Wiggleswade (for legal problems)
  • Grizel Hurtz (for personal problems)
  • Helbert Spleen (for medical problems)
  • Zamira Gulch (for magical problems)
  • Justin Flinch-Fletchey, op-ed columnist


  • Bozo

Journalistic IntegrityEdit

The paper is often criticized for getting facts blatantly wrong, wheter it be the name of a high-ranking foreign official (The Scherbatsky Incident, 1999), or an ad for a coffee shop in Diagonal Alley which, if investigated, turned out to be an Indian rug store.